Wednesday, December 24, 2008

8th exhibit: TOBEORNOTTOBE Paintings by SAND T

Exhibition Dates: January 12 - March 16, 2002

Large-Scale Paintings By SAND T

(Malden, Massachusetts - - January 1, 2002) - - Sand T has pursued forms of abstraction in painting since 1985. She has shown her paintings nationally and internationally, including seventeen solo exhibitions, and some fifty curated group shows in Boston, Iowa, Malden, Malaysia, New York, and Taiwan. She uses abstraction as a basis for exploring questions of time and space pertaining to being and existence. Over the years her work has ranged from large energized canvases rendered with thick powerful brushstrokes, to works that seem to depict nebulous forms taking shape within a primordial world of becoming. Her paintings pose a bold confidence that reveal the strength and drive of an artist.

Sand T, in her Antithesis series, attempts to portray the interaction of two forces: BEING and SPACE. Space is both the supporter and destroyer of being: giving it room to be and contesting the very existence of BEING itself. She asserts that being can only exist through a tremendous desire to be. That in order to be, being must thrust itself forward, beyond itself, toward the eternal presence of itself. The cessation of this forward effort would bring an end to being. It is in this context that the composition of Sand T's work finds definition.

The images in Antithesis series are open to interpretation by the viewers. It could be interpreted as being oneself, a desire, will power, an idea or a symbol that exists, is thought to exist, or is represented as existing. And yet the image is in contrast with an antithecal force that permeates and encompasses its own being. This force generates the changing, evolving and becoming conditions of BEING.

The Antithesis tapestry series are painted with acrylic on un-stretched canvas ranging from 4.5' x 4.5' to 6.5' x 6.5'. Rich in a vocabulary of marks, Sand T incorporates text, engraved lines, and drips with accompanying bold brush strokes. The multi-layered effect that emerges from this process is at once mysterious and introspective, creating a sense of space that is both physical and spiritual.

Sand T's creative process expresses a private vocabulary, which is derived from her life experiences. Sand believes the turbulence and disorder within life are constantly changing, evolving, and becoming conditions of BEING or a SELF. This essential nature of BEING emits an inner force that comes through the physical relationship with her work.