Wednesday, December 24, 2008

9th exhibit: CONTAINER curated by Sand T

Art Object and Paintings by David Fallon
Exhibition Dates: April 20 - May 23, 2002

Image: "... I never forgot my interest in the barren landscapes and stark urban skylines. Old amusement parks like Coney Island, roller coasters and lonely beaches with boardwalks that no longer exist." David Fallon says. (right)
David Fallon was born in Greenwich Village, NYC, July 8, 1961. His grandfather was a cartoonist, painter and writer. His influence and a fascination with sideshows, comic books and movies would later affect David’s work.

After coming to Boston, David studied and graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has had studios at Pearl Street Artists Building and The Revolving Museum where he spent most of his time painting rockets, spaceships, robots, movie stars and making masks.

"After I graduated from the Museum of Fine Arts School my art became more abstract and then more humorous." David says, "I like to work in different materials. Oils, acrylics, paper and collage and wood, and try to bring a child's wonderment to my work. The wonderment that adults sometimes lose."

The “Container” is David Fallon's first solo. Besides the seven mixed media paintings, there are fifty 5x7 boxes mounted on the wall. "These little wooden boxes contain small humorous paintings and thoughts inside, just like a running dream. It's a collage of everyday life. I hope the viewers will find little surprises, some are hidden yet to be discovered inside each container." David says.

David Fallon has participated in many group shows and open studios including; First Expressions Gallery, Museum School Grossman gallery, Revolving Museum Gallery, Pearl Street Open Studios, and Fort Point Open Studios in Boston. Recently, he displayed his latest work, News to Image"Celebrity" in the Artists Respond exhibit at the Somerville BrickBottom Gallery. He was also a contributor to the Free Art Coaster Program and Auction to benefit Shelter, Inc.