Monday, December 29, 2008

Part 1: Un-Cut Interview April 2008

Reporter: When did you decide to close Artspace (physical gallery space)?
SAND T: Please Note: the correct name for my gallery is artSPACE@16, all in one word:- [art] in small letters; [SPACE] in capital letters; [@], the symbol for at; and [16] the Roman alphabet number sixteen.- Mid April, 2008.

R: How does it feel to be preparing for the final exhibition at artSPACE@16?

ST: My feelings are mixed. I feel overwhelmed, as if I am writing a final report. I am very proud of the decade long art project I have accomplished. I will miss running artSPACE@16 to a great extent, nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to putting all my energies into creating and exhibiting my own artwork.

R: Could you talk a bit more about why you're closing the gallery? How do you see your career as an artist developing? What projects do you plan to spend more time on when the gallery closes?

ST: I am always grateful that the projects that I initiated for Malden arts community in these past years have taking shape. Besides the City officers, there are more inspired residents, artists, community groups and professionals that have come forward in starting and/or supporting new art initiatives for Malden. I think, it’s the right time for me to “retreat”; going back to the basics of art making. Nevertheless, I will still continue to work on art projects within Malden's art community, but in a much lower profile than in the past.

I am just picking up where I left off ten years ago, as a working artist. I plan on spending more time developing and exhibiting my new work series: “Negotiating the Irrationality” when the gallery closes. I hope to attain more local, as well as national and international showings in the near future. Please visit my art blog for updates.

R: What challenges did you face during your time as a gallery owner in Malden? How did you meet them?

ST: Financial challenges.

Besides the awarded Contemporary Work Fund I received from the LEF Foundation to support the our exhibition programming in 2006 and 2007, I also received one (1) Malden Cultural Council grant to put together the "STORYlines" exhibit for artSPACE@16 last year 2007. I work art or non-art related full time jobs, freelancing, and short term projects to meet the challenges I faced running artSPACE@16 and to earn a living.

R: Who has been your audience? People from Malden? Out-of-towners?

ST: My audiences are Malden artists, art lovers from next door and the greater Boston areas, and artists from California, Canada and Germany. Local publications such as MaldenMuse, Malden Observer, The World Journal and more; national publications in New York to North Carolina, and international media in London and Malaysia.

R: How have you spread the word of your exhibitions?

ST: Through exhibiting artists/curators/jurors/collaborators/writers, website, list-services, exhibition binders, flyers, postcards and the continued support of the media.