Monday, December 29, 2008

Part 8: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Asian American

Reporter: From attending past shows at artSPACE@16, one thing I took from it is that it seemed to be an excellent way to spotlight members of the area's community of Asian-American artists. What is the role of art in the Asian-American communities in Malden and the surrounding area?
SAND T: artSPACE@16 never played specifically to any race or ethnic group. artSPACE@16 was interested in art. It has spotlighted artists from all backgrounds that answered its call for artists. artSPACE@16 opened its doors to anyone interested in seeing the shows held at artspace@16. I never had any interest in spotlighting anything except artists whose work I enjoyed.

Reporter: It seems that this is a tough time for many galleries in the greater Boston area. I read in the Phoenix that the Allston Skirt Gallery has closed despite its artists' recognition. Are these difficult times to be a gallery owner in greater Boston? If so, why?

SAND T: It depends. Very difficult question to answer, so I'll pass on this one.