Friday, December 4, 2009

WHAT WE DO? Serve the Arts Community on the World Wide Web


  • MAKING THE ART SEEN is a non-commercial virtual gallery featuring artist interviews. Artwork is not sold through the site nor does it exclusively represent the artists featured. Created by artSPACE@16 ONLINE in April 2009, the primary goal of this new initiative is to provide an artistic web presence within the virtual community. Potential gallerists and/or art collectors will contact the artist directly regarding exhibition opportunities and/or purchasing artwork.

  • NETWORKING HUB - USEFUL LINKS to the art-world-at-large
  • Artist live/work studios and Massachusetts Open Studios resources
  • artMATTERS::compiled by artSPACE@16 - artSPACE@16 ONLINE functions as a networking hub advocating for the arts community on the world-wide-web. It distributes art related information through postings on art-community list-services, e-mailing lists, its website and blogs. artSPACE@16 ONLINE hopes that this user-friendly arts information will provide the support needed for fellow artists and benefit the ARTS community at large.