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Monday, December 29, 2008

Part 1: Un-Cut Interview April 2008

Reporter: When did you decide to close Artspace (physical gallery space)?
SAND T: Please Note: the correct name for my gallery is artSPACE@16, all in one word:- [art] in small letters; [SPACE] in capital letters; [@], the symbol for at; and [16] the Roman alphabet number sixteen.- Mid April, 2008.

R: How does it feel to be preparing for the final exhibition at artSPACE@16?

ST: My feelings are mixed. I feel overwhelmed, as if I am writing a final report. I am very proud of the decade long art project I have accomplished. I will miss running artSPACE@16 to a great extent, nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to putting all my energies into creating and exhibiting my own artwork.

R: Could you talk a bit more about why you're closing the gallery? How do you see your career as an artist developing? What projects do you plan to spend more time on when the gallery closes?

ST: I am always grateful that the projects that I initiated for Malden arts community in these past years have taking shape. Besides the City officers, there are more inspired residents, artists, community groups and professionals that have come forward in starting and/or supporting new art initiatives for Malden. I think, it’s the right time for me to “retreat”; going back to the basics of art making. Nevertheless, I will still continue to work on art projects within Malden's art community, but in a much lower profile than in the past.

I am just picking up where I left off ten years ago, as a working artist. I plan on spending more time developing and exhibiting my new work series: “Negotiating the Irrationality” when the gallery closes. I hope to attain more local, as well as national and international showings in the near future. Please visit my art blog for updates.

R: What challenges did you face during your time as a gallery owner in Malden? How did you meet them?

ST: Financial challenges.

Besides the awarded Contemporary Work Fund I received from the LEF Foundation to support the our exhibition programming in 2006 and 2007, I also received one (1) Malden Cultural Council grant to put together the "STORYlines" exhibit for artSPACE@16 last year 2007. I work art or non-art related full time jobs, freelancing, and short term projects to meet the challenges I faced running artSPACE@16 and to earn a living.

R: Who has been your audience? People from Malden? Out-of-towners?

ST: My audiences are Malden artists, art lovers from next door and the greater Boston areas, and artists from California, Canada and Germany. Local publications such as MaldenMuse, Malden Observer, The World Journal and more; national publications in New York to North Carolina, and international media in London and Malaysia.

R: How have you spread the word of your exhibitions?

ST: Through exhibiting artists/curators/jurors/collaborators/writers, website, list-services, exhibition binders, flyers, postcards and the continued support of the media.


Part 2: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Support

Reporter: How much support did you receive from the city administration? To what degree did Mayor Howard and other elected officials support your efforts?

SAND T: The support I have received from the City administration comes in the form of words of encouragement. What matters here is not how much support I received from the City administration, but how much the City has supported the common effort of integrating arts into the community life to the benefit of Malden.

The City has been implementing their art initiatives and experiments in art projects at their own pace in their own way all these years. Some examples are: the opening of the Mayor’s Gallery (in 2003), establishing IDEAS 5 Artists Studios (2004), Washington Studios (2005) later changed to SOHO Art Center (2005), and sponsoring MaldenArtsWindow Project (2006 and 2007), and the conversion of Sacred Heart Convent into artists live/work building (Irving Street Studios) (2005 – presents), collaborating with local artists to come up with a new design for the NEW Senior Community Center in Malden Square (2008)

The City has formed a volunteer committee consisting of several Malden artists working with the City and ARTIST LINK on the conversion of the old Convent Building to artist live/work space. I also had the privilege to serve (2005 – 2007) as one of the committee volunteers. The convent is located at 30 Irving Street in downtown Malden which is currently undergoing the first rehab phase. For updates on this project, please contact Deborah Burke, Project Director.

Note: The Irving Street Studios launched its new website in July 2008.

Archive :: In the News

My other self-effort is to put MALDEN ON THE ART MAP, meaning in print, through web presence, and physical (ei. galleries) presence. The very intention of this initiative is to support and strengthen the arts network within communities and to let others know that “WE’RE HERE”.

I continue to update
a "Listings of Community, Arts and Cultural Venues in Malden" on artSPACE@16 Online website and to suggest to potential listers, including the City and elected officers, to consider creating a page with the list/links on their websites. Doing so to serve as a bridge to increase community connectivity and to promote the ARTS in Malden.

The City of Malden and some elected officers (Ward 4 City Councilor Jim Nestor, former Ward 4 City Councilor Jeff Donahue, Former At Large City Councilor Martin Gately) supported this effort, as well as the Malden Public Schools, the Malden Observer, MaldenHomePage, MaldenSquare, The Malden Public Library, MaldenMuse online Art and Culture Magazine, SOHO Art Center, IDEAS 5 Artists Studios, MaldenArtsWindow, FOOGI, MATV Art Gallery, CommunityArtNetworkMALDEN List-service, AmericanTowns/Malden and many more.

(This MASTER LISTINGS has been programmed to be distributed to members of the CommunityArtNetworkMALDEN List-service on a regular basic. I also made the hard copy available to artists, gallery visitors and my collaborators.)

The City Co-Sponsoring “Artist Town Meeting for Greater Malden" in 2007 with artSPACE@16 and the Artists Foundation - This meeting will offer information on the Massachusetts Health Care Reform and how it impacts artists and what pieces of state and national legislation have been filed and have passed to help artists.

A Walkable Community Workshop in Malden: this event was hosted by the Mayor's Office, partnered with Bike to the Sea and Window Arts Malden and the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). (in 2007)

City partnering with downtown restaurants on promotional campaign by presenting “Malden JazzFest 2007”

…. and its ongoing support of art events organized by Chinese Culture Connections, Malden High School’s Blue and Gold Gallery, Malden Arts Window and the Malden Sketch Group.


Part 3: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - How I Run artSPACE@16

Reporter: I also noticed that you're a wonderful networker, whether through word of mouth or through email listservs. What role does networking play in running a gallery and publicizing its shows?

  • I would say that networking and publicizing the exhibits are some of the key aspects in running a gallery. Treating the artists professionally is on the top of all my priorities.
  • The quality of work presented is crucial to me. I am always enthusiastic about the gallery presentations as I would be about a work of art. The installation of an exhibit is in fact a work of art if the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. A cohesive presentation will create enjoyable experiences for the visitors.
  • Then comes networking, marketing and publicizing the exhibits. Time management plays an important role in getting the word out about the exhibits. Communicating with everyone I work with in a timely and effective manner helped me to achieve this goal. These people include artists, production, media, and the visitors.
  • Though website and list-services are helpful modern messengers, I aggressively promoted the exhibits via snail mailing, postcards, flyers, exhibition binders and word of mouth.
  • Keeping artSPACE@16’s website content up to date, and making sure that the website is designed to embrace the community, provides relative art resources for all. Effectively communicating the programs, exhibits, mission, and etc is part of the ball game of networking, marketing and publicizing the gallery.

How I run artSPACE@16


Part 4-2: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - The Before and After

Reporter: What do you feel your gallery brought to the West End and to Malden in general during your time as a gallery owner? How has Malden changed as a place for artists during your time running artSPACE@16? It seems to me that Malden is a city with several personalities: a blue-collar working-class characteristic, but also a side attuned to the arts. What were your impressions of the city when you moved here? How have they changed (or did they remain the same?) during your time here? What role do you see the arts playing in Malden in the future?

I would say I am a typical example of a Malden resident, a working class resident, who is attuned to the arts. I started looking for venues of arts and cultural as soon as I moved to Malden in 2000.

I was told by my neighbors that Mayor Howard is very supportive of the arts in Malden, and that there’s a drawing group that meets every Monday evening called Malden Sketch Group; Pearl Street Art Studio and Malden Cultural Council, Malden Public Library, Asian Spectrum TV Program, Malden Cable TV, Chinese Culture Connection, Malden High School’s Blue and Gold Gallery, and the Commerce Place exhibition Space. I thought Malden had great potential after learning all of the above mentioned. I decided to infuse my expertise in to the community.

I think that artSPACE@16 has changed Malden and its artists over these past eight years. The noticeable changes are that the call for more arts in the City is getting stronger. There is more coverage of local arts and cultural events by our local newspapers and on the world wide web.

I worked with, and /or provided consultation to inspired artists and community groups to establish their art initiatives. I’m grateful that I was able to get the community involved in the process of building an artists’ community, and keeping the community involved in it.

To date, there is a great addition of art initiatives I provided start-up consultation and/or helped to establish, such as Malden Muse Art Journal, MATV Art Gallery, Gallery at Elm Street, The Mayor’s Gallery, IDEAS 5 Artists Studios, Window Arts Malden, Irving Street Studios, West End Cafe Gallery and more….

Malden has great potential in becoming a HOTBED for the arts if more inspired residents, artists, professionals and the City officers continue to take the lead in starting new art initiatives, developing and sustaining these art initiatives.

With the Mayor’s ambitious plan of rehabilitating the Jenkins Auditorium into the largest performing arts center North of Boston; the conversion of old Convent into artists live/work space is underway, the considerable fine art collections and performing halls at the Public Library; fully equipped auditoriums in our local schools, over 10 dance studios in practice, Jazz Musicians like Tim Ray and Cahrlie Kohlhase, storytellers Laura Packer and Kevin Brooks, and exceptional art writer like Roanna Forman (for MaldenMuse and artscope magazine). I think we have it all here.

Many talented artists are yet to come out from under the rocks of the hilly Malden landscape. What Malden needs is sustainable funding in running the facilities, developing and implementing the programming.

The continued growth of the Malden artists’ community is an assurance of Malden Arts moving toward a flourishing future.

Part 4-1: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Goals

Reporter: What were your goals in opening artSPACE@16? To what extent did you achieve those goals?


I see artSPACE@16 a product of a creative and undaunted response to the displacement from one artists' community (Fort Point Channel) to helping establish an artists' community in Malden. It is not just a gallery, but an art community developer.

The primary goal I set for artSPACE@16, was to provide a space for innovative contemporary art in Malden, to encourage partnerships between the City of Malden and components of the artist community on art collaboratives, and to motivate others to join in building a vibrant artist community there.

artSPACE@16 has pushed to strengthen the Malden art community by inspiring the City to create studio and gallery space, collaborating with artists, community groups, and local businesses to emphasize the importance of the integration of art and community.


Below are listings of art initiatives that I initiated and/or helped to establish in Malden. I’m grateful that after the initial start-up project, these venues continue to promote art in their own ways.

The partnership between the City of Malden/MRA and the artists’ community has resulted in the creation of two artist studios and retail gallery establishments in downtown Malden. They are: IDEAS 5 Artists’ Studios and SOHO Art Center (now closed.). I provided start-up consultation to the City and artists in residency at these two studios.

I served on as one of volunteer committee members for the City's venture in creating artists' live/work space in Malden. I provided start-up consultation to the City, helped to identify potential committee members, provide community outreach support and input on the conversion of the Sacred Heart Church Convent to a multiple use artists building. In February 2008, the City and the MRA received $5K grant from ARTISTLINK to promote this artists-in-residence project. (Article to Share: Lofts Plans: Artist Studio-homes hit the Market in Malden by Amanda Mantone Linehan, October 2008.)

I was:
  • A part of establishing Gallery at Elm Street in 2006
  • A part of establishing Window Art Malden in 2006
  • I started a list serve called [MaldenArtsNetwork] for Malden - (in 2005). Changed it's name to [CommunityArtsNetworkMALDEN]
  • Contributed to the establishment of Washington Street Studios which became SOHO Art Center on 17 Washington Street (2005) (Studio Now Closed)
  • In Spring 2004, I took the initiative to conduct an initial Survey For Artist Studio Space Needs In Malden. This survey was conducted independently from the City of Malden. I created a questionnaire to ascertain what artists require for their studio space. By compiling the results of this survey, I hoped to consolidate the voices of artists concerning their unmet spatial needs. I did the research, composed the questionnaire, identified artists, studied the feedback and wrote the final report. I also financed the production of this survey. This report can be printed out from artSPACE@16’s web site located at
  • A part of establishing West End Cafe Gallery on Summer Street (2004) (CafĂ© Gallery Now Closed)
  • Contributed to the establishment of IDEAS 5 Artists Studios on Pleasant Street (2003)
  • A part of establishing the Mayor's Gallery - In 2003, I approached The Mayor's Office to open a “Mayor's Gallery” that would hold ongoing exhibitions featuring local artists. I curated its premier exhibit entitled MALDEN ARTISTS - NEW WORKS featured 17 Malden artists in the Fall of 2003.
  • Discussion on how to Revitalizing Malden Square through the arts (2003) - I also co-organized an open discussion with the Office of Mayor Richard C. Howard, Malden Redevelopment Authority, and The City Council's Downtown Committee on how to revitalizing Malden Square through the arts. The discussion was held at Malden City Hall on 2/26/2003. That discussion was designed to reach out to all artists to get their ideas on how they can be part of the revitalization process, creating artists live/work space and art related business opportunities in the Malden Square area.
  • A part of establishing MATV Art Gallery in 2002.
  • Listings Of Community, Arts And Cultural Venues In Malden: - My other self-effort is to put MALDEN ON THE ART MAP, meaning in print, thru web presence, and physical presence. The very intention of this initiative is to support and strengthen the arts network within communities to let others know that “WE’RE HERE”. Doing so to serve as a bridge to increase community connectivity and to promote the ARTS in Malden. I also made the hard copy be available to artists, gallery visitors and my collaborators. (This MASTER LISTINGS has been programmed to be distributed to members of the CommunityArtNetworkMALDEN List-service on a regular basic.)
  • Asian American Artists Roundtable Series - This event has been co-sponsored by Great Wall Center, Inc., artSPACE@16(S.T Gallery), Health Malden, Inc.; TriCap, Inc., Malden Asian Pacific American Coalition and the Asian Spectrum TV series at the Malden Access Television and the Boston Neighborhood Network TV. (in 2001)
  • ARTSRENDEZVOUS is a collaborative arts program CO-organized by Asian Spectrum, Malden Asian Pacific American Coalition, S.T Gallery (now artSPACE@16) ARTSRENDEZVOUS was initiated to promote and make the arts more accessible to the Malden community. Through this arts event, we also sought to enhance understanding of all cultures in the community at large. (In 2000)
  • Besides being actively involved in art initiatives within the community, artSPACE@16 focuses on presenting ongoing contemporary art exhibitions that explore contemporary aesthetics, social and cultural issues.
  • Receptions and gallery talks are held in conjunction with the 5 –7 exhibitions per year, which included invitational, curated and juried exhibitions. To date, artSPACE@16 has presented 43 exhibits at Princeton Road’s venue.
  • Over the past eight years in Malden, I had the great opportunity to have worked with over 500 visual artists, storytellers, poets, and artists of all disciplines and to have featured their work at the 567 Sq ft gallery space on Princeton Road in Malden.

Please visit Community and Art Collaboratives for more information.

Part 5: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - My Background

Reporter: Could you tell me a bit about your background before coming to Malden -- growing up in Kuala Lumpur, and running a gallery in Fort Point?

SAND T: I was born in Malacca, the oldest city in Malaysia. This 600-year-old city is a culturally rich, diverse, close knit urban city where the Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans reside. All the daily conveniences were within reach. Schools were just around the corner, movie theaters, frame shops, photo studios, fashion boutiques, furniture stores, coffee shops, grocery stores, open-market, night market, book stores, restaurants, churches, mosques, Buddhist temples were all within walking distance.

I moved to Kuala Lumpur for the advancement of my art and design career, and most importantly, to further study art. (Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia.) I graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1987, and worked as a Window Dresser for department stores and hotels for many years.

In 1990, I was hired as the Visual Merchandising Director for Isetan of Japan department store where I was in charge of running Isetan of Japan Gallery that was housed inside the store.

After two years of working for Isetan of Japan, I started my art and design consulting company aimed to make enough money to further my academic studies in the States.

While I was looking for a University to enroll in, I received catalogs from Universities in the U.S. including the Boston Museum School. I chose Tufts University affiliated with the Museum School.

I moved to the States in 1992. I lived in a couple neighborhoods in the Boston area including the South End, Back Bay, Cambridge, Allston, and Somerville.

After graduating from Tufts University and the Museum School with an MFA in 1997, I moved to Fort Point Channel in South Boston where I established my first gallery called S.T Gallery in 1998.

I moved to Malden in April 2000.

Part 6: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Next Step

Reporter: What is the next step for you? Do you plan on staying in Malden, or moving elsewhere, and why?

SAND T: Work on my artwork, get my work out there again. I do not have any plans to move elsewhere.


Part 7: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Recognitions

Reporter: Could you recap some of the recognition you've gotten?

  • Winner of Boston Magazine's 2008 BEST OF BOSTON ® HOME AWARD in the “BEST OF ART, Gallery, north” category.
  • Awarded The Malden YWCA Tribute to Women Award 2007
  • artSPACE@16 has been named "BEST ART GALLERY" in the A-List 2007 consumer poll, conducted by WBZ-TV and CityVoter.
  • Awarded Malden/Massachusetts Cultural Council grants in 2007 to organize “STORYlines” exhibit featuring Malden artists and storytellers.
  • Awarded the LEF Foundation’s Contemporary Fund in support of artSPACE@16’s programming (2006 and 2007).
  • Nominated for a Commonwealth Awards 2007 for Outstanding Contributions to Arts and Culture in Massachusetts.
  • Crowned "Ms. Malden Arts" for the Window Arts Malden 2006 annual cycle.
  • Raphaela Platow, curator at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, has selected artSPACE@16 as one of her 11 favorite Greater Boston Galleries. in "Art Galleries: A Guided Tour" by Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe Magazine, 3/19/2006, Page 29.
  • artSPACE@16's website was recommended by CommunityArtsNetwork APInews as a good model grassroots for advocating city redevelopment through the arts, 2005
  • artSPACE@16 was recognized as one of the BEST galleries in Boston area by Kate Ledagor (the Weekly Dig) and Dan Mauzy (The Malden Advocate Newspaper) 2005
  • A candidate for the CITIZEN OF THE YEAR 2003 conducted by the Malden Observer
  • Received Recognition Award from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the Boston area, for supporting the Commission's mission in eradicating employment discrimination thro organizing a forum on Gender/Employment Equality & Empowerment, an event of the Asian American Artists Roundtable Series held in Malden. Dec 2001


The Year in Review 2008
I was mentioned in The Year in Review: Change, resilience are the hallmarks of 2008 in the Malden Observer newspaper on December 26, 2008, Page 5. To read the full article, visit Malden Observer's website
look for the heading "Milestones".
Image credit: Malden Observer Staff Photo by Nicole Goohue Boyd.
Image caption: Sand T, with friend and fellow artist Paul Sieswerda.- - In May, Malden artist Sand T announced she would be hosting her last show in artSPACE@16, her gallery on Princeton Road. Having made the decision to pursue her own art career, Sand will be showing overseas this winter, and has said she’s undecided about whether artSPACE@16 will ever reopen. - - Text by Amanda Mantone Linehan, Malden Observer.


The Year in Review 2007I was mentioned in "The Year in Review 2007", in the Malden Observer newspaper on Friday, January 4, 2008, page 11.

Image credit: Malden Observer Staff Photo by Nicole Goohue Boyd.

Caption: Sand T, Founder and curator of artSPACE@16 gallery on Princeton Road, stands with one of her own pieces, "Abundance," hanging in the window of Fu Loon Restaurant in September, as part of the annual WindowArts Malden event. WindowArts brings the work of local artists to Malden storefronts each fall. Here, Sand T's piece is composed of small, colorful hanging circles, each inscribed with a food-related saying. Sand T has helped organize WindowArts Malden since it began two years ago.

Part 8: Un-Cut Interview April 2008 - Asian American

Reporter: From attending past shows at artSPACE@16, one thing I took from it is that it seemed to be an excellent way to spotlight members of the area's community of Asian-American artists. What is the role of art in the Asian-American communities in Malden and the surrounding area?
SAND T: artSPACE@16 never played specifically to any race or ethnic group. artSPACE@16 was interested in art. It has spotlighted artists from all backgrounds that answered its call for artists. artSPACE@16 opened its doors to anyone interested in seeing the shows held at artspace@16. I never had any interest in spotlighting anything except artists whose work I enjoyed.

Reporter: It seems that this is a tough time for many galleries in the greater Boston area. I read in the Phoenix that the Allston Skirt Gallery has closed despite its artists' recognition. Are these difficult times to be a gallery owner in greater Boston? If so, why?

SAND T: It depends. Very difficult question to answer, so I'll pass on this one.